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Advanced Treatment for Musician Hand Injury

Unfortunately, the art of playing a musical instrument often requires repetitive hand movements. Over time, these movements can produce “repetitive strain injuries”, such as trigger finger or carpal tunnel syndrome. In many cases, a musician hand injury can be debilitating, to the point of affecting one’s ability to play an instrument. All to often, musicians continue trying to play -even with the onset of weakness, pain or even numbness. A common misconception is that these symptoms will disappear over time, when in reality, ignoring these warnings can lead to permanent nerve injury.

Fortunately, The Fitzmaurice Hand Institute in Phoenix, Arizona has developed the EndoTech® system, allowing hand leading specialist Dr. Michael Fitzmaurice to perform state-of-the-art surgical repair. Our patent-pending usa weeknd tour tickets system provides maximum visibility, minimizing any risk of damage to surrounding nerve and tissue. This minimally-invasive technique utilizes only a tiny incision, which means significantly less pain, less scarring and the absolute fastest recovery.

You’re passionate about music. The experts at the Fitzmaurice Hand Institute are passionate about patient care, and they understand the unique needs of musicians. Their growing list of patients includes talented professionals from across the country and around the world, who have extensively researched their options and place a great deal of importance on quality, safety, and rapid return to normal activity.

Fast Recovery. the weeknd musician. Less Pain and Discomfort.

Musician Testimonials
Musician Nat Winer Shares His Story
Musician and Pro Fisherman Johnny Johnson
  • Thanks to you, my hands are still doing great and able to perform all that I require of them in playing music for my living. I will always be grateful for the wonderful, compassionate care you provided and have recommended you to many people I have met over the years with hand problems. Dr Fitzmaurice is an outstanding surgeon, compassionate and sensitive caregiver and pioneer in the field. There is no one else I would trust to take care of my precious hands.
    Nat Winer

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